I can not say enough about how amazing Dr. Rottman is.  I was referred to Dr Rottman by another plastic surgeon because I was interested in getting breast augmentation. I was advised that he specialized in breast augmentations and simply he was the best surgeon to go to.  And that was from one of his peers.

My first visit with Dr Rottman solidified the referral.  He was extremely professional, and completely on top of all the newest advancements in augmentations.   I felt I had done my research before my visit, and he was still able to teach me some things and make me aware of some things I didn’t think about.  He also recommended I visited other surgeons to make sure I found a surgeon I was happy with.  At the same time, I had 2 other friends that were interested in Breast augmentation, so I went with them to their consultations as well to see what their doctors advised.

My visit with Dr Rottman allowed me to see through the smoke and mirrors of the other surgeons and ask the questions they were obviously trying to talk  around.  In the end, I chose Rottman, one of my friends chose Luxxery Plastic Surgery, and the other chose Dr Hakki.

My surgery we preformed with absolutely no issues.  I had minimal discomfort and was back to my normal work out routine, which include push up, in no time.  My scars are minimal and my breasts are amazing!  I also appreciate his bedside matter.  I really feel like a part of his family.  I have since visited his office for recommendation on sports bras, and check ups to make sure my breast are properly healed.  I know that I am not just a face, but a member of the family when I come into his office.

The proof is in the result.  Between the three of us, my breast look the most natural, and I have absolutely NO issues with my result.  Both of my friends wish they had listened to me instead of going with their surgeons. One of my friends is already seeking a revision because she feels that hers are messed up.

I am so thankful for my experience with Dr. Rottman.  He is truly an amazing plastic surgeon that cared about his patience and has an amazing eye for perfection.  I can assure you, this is just he beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Dr. Rottman is absolutely amazing. He spent 7 hours in the operating room making life-altering changes to my body. He is supportive, smart, and keeps the dialogue open. I’m impressed with his expertise and knowledge in his field. I should also mention, he is just so NICE! Most plastic surgeons are not always friendly and a bit obnoxious–Not Dr. Rottman. When making decisions about elected surgery, you really can say yes or no. I would say YES to him every time. I should also mention that his staff is great and extremely communicative. I appreciate Dr. Rottman and his extremely competent staff.

Dr.Rottman and his staff are absolutely amazing! So warm and professional I couldn’t ask for a better plastic surgeon. Brooke his office manager is so helpful, informative and so sweet… Answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Dr. Rottman’s bedside manner goes above and beyond…. He also answered all my questions, was very gentle and insured me not to be nervous and I would love my results and I absolutely did! I received facial fillers and they turned out amazing! They really by far are the best in town and truly care about their patients. I’ve been back several times and completely trust Dr.Rottman and his staff!!!! They have reward incentives which is really nice and help your pockets! Lol I recommend him 100%!!!!!


“My experience with Dr. Steven Rottman has thus far been exemplary! My bariatric surgeon recommended him highly, stating that after seeing many examples of his work, she felt he is an “artist”. I knew at my consultation that he was a good fit for me, and booked my first procedures for a breast and arm lift that same day. Dr. Rottman has a quiet, respectful, and gentle demeanor, and discussed my options, and the potential outcomes with me thoroughly, and in an unhurried manner. His office staff, including Brooke, and others, have been kind, and very considerate of my needs throughout the consultation, booking and payment process, ordering and providing post op compression garments as needed , and making follow up appointments. Being a health care professional myself, I appreciated Dr. Rottmans’ willingness to make care decisions for me in consultation with my health care advocate while I recovered from anesthesia post-op. He also checked on me personally the morning after surgery while still hospitalized , and contacted me almost daily via text, to check on my progress at home. I have felt well cared for and found him available to answer questions or address concerns. I am thrilled with my results thus far, and appreciate Dr. Rottmans’ eye for perfectionism. and anticipate only more refined results as I heal and progress forward on my journey. Thank you so much!”


“I had a breast augmentation in 2009 and was having issues with implant rippling and palpability. I realized many people have revisions due to capsular contracture, implant malposition, and the issues I had so I decided to select my doctor carefully. I wanted a cosmetic breast expert in hopes of avoiding issues in the future. I selected 4 doctors for consults: 1 in California, 1 in Texas, 1 in Florida and 1 in Maryland. The out of state doctors did online consults. In my research, I selected doctors that took as many measures as possible to assure I would not have future problems.

In the end, I selected Dr. Rottman in Owings Mills, MD. After examining me, he suggested placing a more narrow, higher profile implant, using Strattice to help with rippling and avoid future capsular contracture, and fat grafting to (as i understood it) add upper pole volume and help conceal the edges of the implants.

The surgery went well. I am now 13 days post-op and still have swelling and bruising, but nothing major. My results look amazing and I couldn’t be happier!! I found out on my post-op checkup that he also used the Keller Funnel which many believe helps patients avoid future capsular contracture.

So far I look great and I am pleased with my progress! Thank you so much Dr. Rottman!”


“Seriously such a professional, knowledgeable doctor who did THE BEST job on my lips. Had them done once before by a different doctor and had a much better experience with Dr. Rottman. He took his time and was the sweetest man. After the procedure, he personally contacted me to make sure I was doing well. If you are struggling to choose a plastic surgeon, go with Dr. Rottman. Definitely will be going back! Also a wonderful staff!”


“Dr. Rottman is younger for a surgeon, a little bit shy and reserved, but he is a sweetheart. And, his work is flawless. During our initial meeting I could tell that his staff was really fond of him and respected him. I’ve had work done before where you sense that the doc is a jerk to his people. I wanted someone kind standing over me with that scalpel in their hand on surgery day! I could tell that he was a patient person, which is what you want in someone doing this type of work. Dr Rottman did a FABULOUS job! I got a real winner! His work more than lived up to his before and after pics on his website. The entire experience with him was relaxed and enjoyable. I have NO patience for arrogant, overblown physicians and that condescending, my-way-or-the-highway atmosphere, of so many practices. Dr. Rottman has fully restored my faith in the surgical profession. He really enjoys his work and his calm, pleasant demeanor is so reassuring. You’ll not find an ounce of arrogance with this guy. or his excellent staff. They really are over the top. Thrilled to death with my results!”


“Through my breast cancer journey I have had the pleasure of being operated on by Dr. Rottman on three separate occasions. Dr. Rottman’s bed side manor is welcoming and he is always kind, caring and polite. I was able to speak to Dr.Rottman day or night if I had any questions or concerns. His office staff and assistants are courteous and make you feel as though you are among friends. Dr. Rottman has given me back so much more than cancer has taken away. I am forever grateful.”


“It is never easy to accept having a breast removed and undergo breast reconstruction, but you have made this process much easier to face.  Your professionalism, expertise and reassurance has made starting 2016 much easier. Thank you so much for everything.”


“Six years post a 90 pound weight loss, I decided to make an investment in me and had an abdominoplasty and thigh lift. I could not have asked for a more compassionate, caring doctor. He is professional and kept in constant contact with me for days following my surgery. He is passionate about his discipline and excited to share in his patient’s outcome. I experienced minimal pain and am walking and taking stairs without pain meds 3-days post op. Dr. Rottman’s team- Brooke and Kelly are so helpful answering questions and handling paperwork. I am one happy woman who will recommend Dr. Rottman to anyone wanting to look and feel better. Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait for summer.”