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I recently went to Dr. Rottman for a Mommy Makeover, it was the best decision! Dr. Rottman answered all of my questions before (& after) and gave me honest suggestions of procedures that would give me the best results, as well as listening to what I wanted to achieve. I am now 7 weeks out from surgery, I feel great and am over the moon with how happy I am with the results! Dr. Rottman is a master of his craft and has an eye for beautiful results.

Brooke and Emily have also been great with scheduling surgery, follow up appointments, and making sure all my questions were answered. I would 10/10 recommend Dr. Rottman and his team.

Dr. Rottman and his staff (both office staff and surgical team) were amazing and so friendly! For my initial consultation I came with a list of questions and Dr. Rottman was patient and very thorough with answering every single question and had a good sense of humor. I knew right away I wanted to schedule with him! I'm a little over 6 weeks post-op now and I love my results so far! I would definitely recommend him for any aesthetic needs/wants!

I saw Dr. Rottman today for dermal fillers and botox. Having a lot of experience with the products and being treated by some highly skilled injectors in the past, I think Dr. Rottman may be the best injector I have had to date. In addition to his dexterity and keen eye, he also seems to have a lot of integrity. He actually declined to inject one of the areas on my face due to my skin being thin in that area - to avoid a sub par result. The areas he did inject didn't bruise at all and look smooth even just a few hours after. In the past with other providers, I have almost always bruised and had lumps. I plan on returning in the future for additional services.

I contacted Dr. Rottman after my ideal implant performed by a different surgeon in 2019 had deflated. It was extremely easy to make an appointment. Everyone was very helpful and kind. Brooke was especially helpful with helping me get all my necessary blood work and mammogram, she even spoke with my doctor to get the required paperwork because I was having issues. The day of the surgery went great, once again everyone was very kind and helpful. I'm 6 weeks post surgery now and I am so very happy with my results. Thank you!!

I know you hear that all the time but you change peoples lives, confidence, and more with the surgeries you perform! Not everyone can do what you do! Mommy makeover was all worth it!

Dr. Rottman and his staff are professional and put me ease right away. I was treated with compassion and dignity throughout the entire process. My results are better than I expected and I’m absolutely thrilled with the new Me.

Dr Rottman is an amazing surgeon! I am three months post op and not only did my surgery go well but he has been there for me every step of the way with my healing. He has made me feel like a priority from the moment I stepped into his office and is always available to answer any questions I have. I cannot wait to show off my new and improved figure this summer!

I have been a patient of Dr. Rottman for many years and have always been incredibly happy with my dysport and filler applications. The Rottmann team has always been super helpful navigating the best options to keep a youthful look - never suggesting too much!!!

From the beginning of my journey Dr. Rottman and his staff have been amazing! I couldn’t have made a better choice in choosing a plastic surgeon: the results speak for themselves! I absolutely look forward to doing more work with him in the future. Thank you so much!!

Just have to say thank you for giving me a new life. I am so happy. I truly can't express the way you changed my life for the netter. Every time I look in the mirror I smile. This body is fire! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly, Thank You!

Sharing my experience 2 months post-op, as the overwhelming number of positive reviews and exceptional before/afters are what let me to Dr. Rottman for a consultation to begin with. I am OVERJOYED with my results! From the initial consultation, Dr. Rottman and his team have been thoughtful, communicative and accommodating. At my consultation, I immediately felt at ease and well informed regarding my options and recommended procedures. Dr. Rottman is very clearly an extremely skilled surgeon, but more importantly he goes above and beyond to make himself available throughout the process leading up to and most importantly after surgery. I'd be remiss not to acknowledge how wonderful Brooke and Emily are as well - the entire team truly provides a top notch experience. I could not recommend Dr. Rottman more highly for anyone considering surgery - you will not be disappointed!

My entire experience with Dr. Rottman and his staff has been amazing. My BBL results are life changing! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Dr. Rottman was direct, professional, helpful, and respectful throughout my entire journey. I consulted with 3 other surgeons for my BBL, and none of them came close to the technical expertise and care I knew I'd get from Dr. Rottman. His staff are friendly, accommodating, and have such a calming presence. Working with Dr. Rottman and his staff was worth every single penny.

My experience with Dr. Steven Rottman is positive, I'm glad that I chose him for my transformation, he did a great surgery, he's associate are very friendly and they treat me well, the office is always clean and comfortable.

If you are looking for a plastic surgery office. I recommend Dr Rottman he is the best!!

Excellent doctor and excellent overall experience!! I would highly recommend to all my friends and family. Best plastic surgeon out there!

Dr. Rottman is amazing. He truly listens to your every concern and ensures that you are comfortable from start to finish. - absolutely above and beyond. The professionalism, conscientiousness and dedication of Dr. Rottman and his staff are unparalleled. His staff (Brooke and Emily) are friendly , helpful, accommodating and just exceptional in every way. From my initial consultation to my surgery to my follow up visits the whole experience was seamless. I felt taken care of from the very beginning. Dr. Rottman does wonderful work and I am so happy that I chose him as my plastic surgeon. I am only 6 weeks post-op and I look and feel like a whole new person! My results are amazing and I am beyond happy! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Rottman and his team. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional qualified and caring surgeon.

I had liposuction and scar revision procedure done by Dr. Rottman back in December. I could not be happier with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Rottman, his bedside manner is amazing and his staff is kind and friendly. I definitely trust him with accomplishing my goals. Five stars all around.

I couldn't be happier with the amazing results from my surgery in January! I debated for a year to even schedule a consult with any doctor - then Dr. Rottman was highly recommended, so I went to see what he had to say, and if it was something I really wanted to do. Then Dr. Rottman was highly recommended, so I went to see what he had to say, and if it was something I really wanted to do. I am so happy I decided to have the surgery, he is a master at his trade. My body looks the way it did whenever I was 18, actually better, and my confidence is off the charts. If you are on the fence, the way I was, don't be - schedule an appointment with Dr. Rottman, it will be the best decision you make! Also, his staff, Emily and Brooke are amazing as well. Couldn't have asked for a better overall experience!

Dr. Rottman, I cannot express enough how much you have changed my life. My confidence has increased 10 fold. I am happy now. I love myself and my body. You're an artist. You deserve an award. I can't thank you enough. You truly have turned me into something I never thought I would be.❤️❤️🙌

Dr. Rottman & team went above and beyond the call of duty for me. The artistry on my is incredible. I am so beyond happy. This was life changing.

Cannot express how insanely better my body looks and I’, only a 1.5 weeks out from my surgery. Healing is going great. Communication was amazing from start to finish. I’m still continuing to get checked in on, the Surgery Coordinator was amazing. Dr. Rottman is an insanely skilled surgeon. Everyone who seen my before and after photos called him a magician. Will post pictures after I heal more.

I had a “Mommy Makeover” lift, implant, lower body lift and tummy tuck. I specifically sought him out because he specialized in lower body lifts. The only other surgeon who specializes in weight loss/skin removal quoted me $25,000 more for the same procedures. I’ve had five pregnancies, as well as loosing 150 pounds diet and exercise. I’m not even healed yet and I can already tell you it is worth every penny to invest in yourself. Be selfish for once.

I will begin by thanking the staff for creating an environment that’s friendly and caring. I have been treated by Doctor Steven J. Rottman, MD and his staff for over five years now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them they are a professional and friendly staff. I have never been disappointed at any time. Dr. Rottman will work side by side with you to accomplish the desired outcome, and he has been very patient. He understood my needs and works hard to make sure I am taken care of. I am impressed to see my progress and hope for continued success. Thank you for giving me new hope.

Dr. Rottman and all of his staff included, has made my experience so amazing. The level of care I have received has really made me feel taken care of and like I have a team on my side. From texts (and quick answers!) on Christmas to the staff staying late just so I could drop something off (I drove from two hours away plus traffic), made the entire process feel top notch. I would recommend anyone seeking plastic surgery to have a consult with Dr. Rottman and his staff. Also check out all of his social media pages. One reason I went with Dr. Rottman is his consistency of outcomes no matter the starting point ;)

From pre-surgery, surgery and post op Dr. Rottman and his staff have gone above and beyond. Their professionalism and expertise in plastic surgery has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Rottman over any other surgeon.

I made a full year of my mommy makeover. I must say that my confidence level is up the roof. I can't be more happy with my results. Dr. Rottman is the best surgeon out here, his presence and the way he makes you feel at peace is unmatched. I will recommend 100% Dr. Rottman!! His team is great and the bedside manner is a 100, I never felt alone in my process. Thank you Dr. Rottman and team!!

Dr. Rottman is amazing and has a beautiful personality. I got a lower body lift, with muscle repair and I feel like a new woman. Very Happy to be one of his pieces of art.

Dr. Rottman and his staff are absolutely incredible. He has answered every question I have and is always available. Never has made me feel like a burden and is very humble and kind. His staff is also sweet and helpful - got me into the office within an hour of me reporting having a drain issue. Could not say enough great things about him and his practice.

Dr. Rottman is phenomenal. He is very down-to-earth and personable, which helps me feel comfortable from our first meeting. His staff is so welcoming and friendly. It’s been a year since my surgery, and it’s completely changed my life. After having kids, I didn’t believe I would ever be comfortable in my own skin again. I’m so thankful for Dr. Rottman and the results that he’s given me. I would do it all over again without hesitation…. I only wish I had gone to him sooner!

Hey Dr. Rottman, it has literally been one week since my tummy tuck and Diastasis rectified repair and I just want you to know how much better I already feel. I feel so much stronger! I cannot believe how fast I am healing every day and cannot thank you and your staff enough for being so kind and compassionate. You all have made this experience so wonderful for me and I’m literally sending everyone I know with this problem to you. Have a great day!

Dr. Rottman gave me the best results I could ever ask for! I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and he, and his entire team were top tier from beginning to end! I am flat on my tummy and my breasts are super high with the lift! I fully recommend Dr. Rottman and trust him with everything!

When I first started researching doctors and facilities, I kept coming back to Dr. Rottman for the outpouring of positive feedback and reviews shared from prior patients. Their generosity is what encouraged me to schedule a consult. I'm So glad I did; from the moment I walked into their office, their caring staff made me feel at ease. They had me laughing in no time, while duly explaining how the visit would go, calming my nerves. Dr. Rottman was as professional, enabling me to communicate my concerns- I felt heard. After years of not feeling like my physical pain and frustrations were valid, his office made me feel like there were finally viable solutions! They then took time to break down financing options as my insurance wouldn't cover the procedure, but even as they itemized the cost, I felt the value of the procedure was worth far more than the price. (I'd had a prior consult that paled in comparison, it's indeed worthwhile to get a second opinion). Now I felt empowered to make it an actuality. Their office maintained great communication and checked in on me with care through the process. Once my apt was booked they offered extensive pre and post-op guidelines, expectations, and support. I was able to get the procedure I wanted, feeling fully ready for it because of all their efforts. The day I went into the facility it was calm, clean, secure, and felt more at ease than anything I'd imagined. One of the nurses prepping me candidly shared how Dr. Rottman's reputation is so well admired that many of their colleagues have also been patients too - it all made me feel fortunate to be there. After surgery I had a far better recovery than friends who'd had similar procedures for the physical and mental prep work - and that's with having my 4yo daughter home with me too. I'd recommend their office to a friend. It's challenging how women's health can feel like a lesser priority than it should be. But I'm relieve I went in for that initial consult, everyday. I just had my last checkup, four months flew by and I still couldn't be happier - and can totally see why he has all these astounding reviews~ Five out of Five Stars :)

Dr Rottman is seriously awesome! From the consult to now being a month out since having the surgery I'm so impressed! It was easy, great communication, the kindest staff! When I had the surgery I had a few questions and they answered immediately and never let me hanging. Every time I come into the office to see Dr Rottman or Jenny they make me feel like family! I had zero complications with the breast lift and reduction and have been so impressed! I look in the mirror every morning and can't believe this is my body! So so happy and thankful I chose Dr Rottman and his staff! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and thoughtfulness you all demonstrated to me throughout the scheduling and surgery process. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions and make my breast reduction an easy process. I am thrilled with my results and am very excited to be able to exercise pain-free next month. Thanks to you all the chronic back and shoulder pain I have lived with for four years has vanished. I now feel confident in my body and have been so much happier following the surgery. Thank you again and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

My experience w/Dr. Rottman was AMAZING! From consultation to final appointment my treatment was great. My actual surgery day went flawless and his care and follow up later that day and night was terrific. The outcome of the surgery could not have been better! He did a FABULOUS job!!! Dr. Rotttman is wonderful, his staff is great and I would HIGHLY recommend and come back again in the future!!!

Flawless tummy tuck surgery 10 months ago & terrific care & follow up.

Dr. Rottman is seriously the best in the business! So caring and passionate about what he does. Don't even think twice about going to him! Thank you so much for the amazing work you did!

Years of working out and struggling with my body after having 4 kids. I did extensive research and found Dr. Rottman. I've admired his work on Instagram for the past few years and finally got the courage to do it myself!! This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am so thankful. I love my breasts, tummy and arms. You did a phenomenal job. I am truly so happy!!!

Dr. Rottman and his team are beyond amazing! I had a small breast augmentation where I went from barely an A to a small C. My expectations were surpassed! His bedside manner is beyond great. He continued to check in on me throughout the weekend. I have since received dysport and restylane injections. You can tell in his work he is a doctor that cares! I WILL BE A PATIENT FOR LIFE

Dr. Rottman is amazing! For the quality and care provided for me, his price is worth it! Even if it was more, we would still choose Dr. Rottman! He also constructed my body exactly how I wanted it. I'm on day 4 of my bbl and lipo 360 recovery and I'm already recovering fast. He was so calm and caring before surgery and made me feel very comfortable. He is seriously amazing and so is his team! EVeryone works so hard and truly cares about their patients. If I need any future work done, I will only go to Dr. Rottman from now on. Seriously, look no further, and choose him - you won't regret it!!

I looked and looked for the best breast doctor for my augmentation. I found him!! I am so happy. My breast look natural and full. I can't wait to wear all my new tops!! Thanks to the entire team. You rock!!

I met with several doctors before I choose doctor Rottman. I realized he was the one for me for many reasons. Most importantly, I love his work and his honesty about what I need done. So many other doctors told me what I wanted to hear, not what I actually needed. Thank you for being honest with me! I couldn't be more excited to continue on my journey with the Realdrbmore!!!

I wanted to shape my butt to give it a more rounded appearance. Doctor Rottman knows what to do!! Some liposuction with fat transfer has transformed my body. I'm loving my new shape. Thanks doc, for making my vision a reality. You are the best!!

A true five-star experience. Everything from the staff at consultation, to the procedure and then after-care, Dr. Rottman and his staff are top-notch. Dr. Rottman has excellent attention to detail and his bedside manner is above and beyond the other doctors I've used in the past. This office will be my 'go-to' for any future needs. Thank you, Dr. Rottman and staff!

If you are looking for five-star treatment and fabulous before and after care, WITH phenomenal results, then look no further. Dr. Rottman and his entire staff are professional from first consultation, to surgery day, and every after care visit. He gave me the exact results I was looking for! I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with Dr. Rottman and he absolutely gave me amazing results! He gave me his cell phone number and responds in a minute or two to every question I have. I saw other surgeons during consultations and Dr. Rottman and his staff are above and beyond. They have fitted me with French-made compression garments for every stage of recovery, which is super helpful to not have to buy outside of surgery! Everything involving scheduling, directions, care and after-surgery appointments have been taken care of by him and his staff. If you are looking for top-tier care and magnificent results, I highly recommend you call Dr. Rottman!

I love my body. 2 kids later and I needed a full mommy makeover. Doctor Rottman came highly recommended by a few of my friends and I understand why. This mommy makeover is incredible. I can't believe how good I look. I love all the compliments I am getting. Doctor is amazing and worth every penny. Thank you team!!

I wanted the full mommy makeover. After months of research and reading reviews I found Dr. Rottman AKA Realdrbmore. I am in love with my new body. I had a breast lift, tummy tuck and BBL. The whole process from start to finish was top tier. I'm recommending this office to everyone. The best!

A+++. I'm thrilled with my Breast Augmentation. My breasts look so natural yet full and perky. Just what I wanted. Thanks to the entire office. This place is a gem for real!

I'm currently 3 weeks post surgery from my first ever major procedure. Dr. Rottman and his staff have been nothing short of amazing during this whole experience. Dr. Rottman is the type of doctor that has your best interests in mind and will give you the exact results that you wanted. He won't sugar coat anything for you and won't try to upsell you or convince you to get something that you don't need. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted my end results to look like and he overachieved on that by 1,000,000%. I am in love with my results and would trust no other doctor than Dr. Rottman with my surgical needs. He and he staff have been amazing with answering all my silly questions and concerns, and they really put me at ease through this whole process.

Dr. Rottman is hands down the best! I have been going to him for over a year for dysport. He is the most kindest and most genuine person I have met. He explains what you need and how it is a process. My results from working with him have surpassed my expectations. His office staff is so wonderful, it is always a pleasure going. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Rottman is amazing and is a truly skilled not only in understanding his patients vision but with the knowledge and experience to bring it to life. From my initial consult, to follow up visits Dr. Rottman and his staff were always super friendly, knowledgeable and always able to help with concerns I had. I can say my experience has exceeded my expectations by far from feeling like he listened to my concerns from pregnancies and how it changed my body and acknowledging the hard work I have put in to get my body back prior to kids. Dr. Rottman’s compassion for his patients is felt since he listens and also includes you in every step of the process. His staff who are absolutely wonderful, and knowledgeable made me feel safe when I was worried and walk me through step by step.

Dr. Steven J. Rottman was absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough about his worth ethic. I am so so pleased w the results of my surgery. From beginning to end Dr. Rottman and his staff were so helpful. Every detail was clear and made the process run so smoothly. The surgical center staff as well...made me feel so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rottman for your plastic surgery needs. I was so comforted knowing I put my trust in Dr. Rottman and he met all my needs and then some. I cannot thank him enough.

I've seen Dr. Rottman now for multiple procedures over the last 2 years. Not only is he a master at his craft, he is a wonderful person. It's not often you meet a surgeon that you feel they genuinely cares about you, your feelings and your concerns. He listens and understands how you feel about your body and what will make you feel good about it. There aren't enough wonderful positive things I can say about him. He has made a client for life with me and I refer everyone I know to him!!

I went to Dr. Rottman for a breast lift and I couldn't be happier. He is THE BEST! Not only are my results better than I imagined, he is so kind and has great bedside manner. His office staff is incredibly sweet and make me feel so comfortable when I'm there. I suffer with horrible anxiety but the surgical staff was amazing and made me feel at ease on surgery day. I plan to go back in the next year or two for another procedure and I can't wait!

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Dr. Rottman and all of the staff. They are very warm and welcoming, extremely responsive and beyond patient. Dr. Rottman's Surgical skills are phenomenal and I have already sent a referral his way! And one more surgery to go for me! All I can say is, book your consult ASAP.

Thank you so much I appreciate your great bedside manner. Your entire team was amazing. I am a nurse & was totally blown away by how professional, caring, & helpful everyone was. I was super nervous and a little scared. However, not once did I feel like another number. I love you & your team for giving me phenomenal care. I will continue to be thankful for the team & you. I appreciate your jokes & they truly helped ease me. Continue to be super kind, fun & a phenomenal surgeon.

I'm so thankful to have found Dr Rottman! Him and his staff has made me feel more then just another patient. I'm one week out of surgery and still feel connected like family! Can't wait to post the final pictures when I'm fully healed. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends!!! Thanks again Dr Rottman!

After losing over 130 lbs. I saw Dr. Rottman for a consult to have extra skin removed. After several consults, I chose Dr. Rottman because he truly provides an exceptional experience. His bedside manner is top notch, the office puts off a high-end vibe, the staff is warm, personal and accommodating. I really felt comfortable from start to finish and even on surgery day Dr. Rottman made me feel at ease. Dr. Rottman performed a lower body lift and breast lift with fat transfer and I could not be happier with the results. I am still in recovery and seeing Dr. Rottman and would absolutely choose him for any future procedures.

I had a breast augmentation for my tuberous breast deformity approximately a year ago with Dr. Rottman. I worked very hard to find the right surgeon from the get go because it is an uncommon deformity and takes a real master of technique to get it right. The results are amazing! He really listened to what I wanted and understood I wanted a very natural and beautiful look. Today, you would never know they were ever anything but beautiful!

So when I decided to have liposuction of my stomach, back, flanks and inner/outer man there I know he was the man. I am already on the relatively smaller side but I asked for aggressive results because I am in entertainment and need to have a certain aesthetic. he totally got it and removed 4 liters of fat! I am only a week out and just had my first follow up. I am still quite swollen and I know it will take a whole for swelling to decrease but with Dr. Rottman I am sure the results will be worth it.

Dr. Rottman is kind, compassionate and an excellent surgeon. In the future, if I ever consider getting anything else cosmetic, there's no one else I would ever consider. If your considering Dr. Rottman, go in for a consult - he is amazing!

I came to Dr. Rottman to have a Mommy Makeover. He completely changed my life. I am so happy with my results!

No one else could have done what you did. You knew exactly what I wanted, you didn't disregard my ideas, and you've been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. I can't say enough about how amazing you are, even though I had to go to other plastic surgeons for prices etc, not one of them compared to you. @drdovec helped me start to uncover the woman I was inside, and you've helped wipe away all the excess skin holding me back. I know there is still more work to be done, but you've given me such a gift already, and I am forever grateful. Your dedication, and passion for what you do shines through your work, and in your bedside manner, thank you again for everything you've done, and all that you'll do in the the future.

Always a great experience at Dr. Rottman's office. His is a skilled injector and my wife and I are always pleased with our results. He always takes the time to answer any questions or concerns we might have. Highly recommended!

Excellent Surgeon and skilled injector who truly cares about all his patients. My results always have met or exceeded my expectations and his advice has always been great. I recommend him to all my friends!

I've been a patient of Dr Rottman's for two years now. I started seeing him for filler and just two weeks ago had him do my implant exchange and liposuction. I am so happy with my results! Super honest, never pushy and always friendly which is why I chose him to do my surgery! I'd choose him again 100x over! If you're looking to see a plastic surgeon Dr. Rottman is your guy!

I was so pleased with Dr. Rottman's bedside manner and felt like he knew exactly what I wanted when I came for lip injections. He started with one syringe to be sure I did not go too big my first time, then I came back a few weeks later so he could re revaluate and he added on more. The final results is incredible and looks extremely natural! The procedure was not too painful and they did a good job of making sure I was okay.

Dr. Rottman is the best!! I have so much more confidence. He did my breast augmentation and my lip injections, I couldn't be happier. I recommend him to everyone who is looking to get any type of plastic surgery. His bed side manners are amazing and even to this day I could message him with questions and he responds as quickly as he can. You won't find a better doctor, he's awesome.

Dr. Rottman is simply amazing. He is truly an expert at what he does. He is professional, attentive, compassionate, trustworthy, and caring. He takes his time to get to know and understand his patients individually. Dr. Rottman has always been patient with me, makes me feel comfortable and safe. He puts my fears at ease. He literally communicates with me personally and checks on me via text answering any questions I may have. His staff is also amazing! Brooke allows me to text her at any time and is always so sweet and patient with me as well. Brooke is always just as excited as I am about me procedure. Brooke and Emily were so happy to cheer me on with my results making me feel so good about myself :-) I would recommend Dr. Rottman over and over and over again :-). I just loved everything about my experience.

Dr Rottman and his staff were amazing! Its been a little over week since he corrected my tuberous breast deformity and I have been so pleased with the results. I can tell he cares deeply about his patients and the work he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery.

Dr Rottman is the only person I truest with my face and body. He is not only a meticulous surgeon, but he’s also an accessible and friendly provider who really cares about his patients. Over the years he has done a mini-tummy tuck, Botox and filler, as well as removal of beauty marks and ear lobe repair/piercing for me. He treats every procedure no matter how big or small with the same professionalism and perfectionism. I can not recommend him and his incredible staff enough.

If you’re considering filler, ROTTMAN IS THE BEST!! My lips looks so natural and plump. When I tell people I have filler, they’re shocked. I have friends who went other places and within weeks, their lips already deflate. It’s been over two months now and I see no difference since the day I got them. He is so kind, intelligent and has the best manners. He listens to what you want. Do not look any further, this is your guy!!!!

A truly amazing experience, from the beginning & now toward the end everything has gone so well couldn’t of asked for a better doctor my results in my opinion are STUNNING! All of the staff is very kind as well as and makes you feel very comfortable. This has changed my life in so many ways to get results that make me feel beautiful is more then I could of asked for.. Thank you. Dr. Rottman & staff.

Dr. Rottman is THE BEST. His staff is professional, efficient, kind, accommodating and simply perfect just like him. Dr. Rottman is literally as good as it gets. His bedside manner is engaging, personal, comfortable and knowledgeable. He cares about his patients’ desired outcome and is incredibly capable of the impossible while remaining realistic and sage. I cannot say enough great things about him. He far, far far exceeded my most ambitious expectations of my procedure. I am so happy. I could never repay him. If you are considering him, think no more. There is no other choice to be made!

I know that despite my best efforts, I can never truly articulate what a talented, knowledgeable and kind doctor Steven Rottman is. From our first meeting, through my surgery and finally my revery, Dr Rottman was accessible and showed genuine care and concern for me as his patient, even texting to check on my progress in the initial days following my surgery. His staff is equally supportive. I actually felt that his assistant Brooke L. Was just as excited as I was to see the new me! Brooke in accounting was wonderful, securing financing for me when I had given up on paying for my procedure. Emily was instrumental in helping me secure the accommodations I needed to return to work. I highly recommend Dr. Rottman for ANY cosmetic procedure.

A truly gifted surgeon and physician, Dr. Rottman did top-notch work with me. What you end up with is nothing short of amazing and beyond what you had even hoped for. He goes above and beyond the call of duty leaving nothing of concern unaddressed. On top of the surgical skill and work, he has a tremendous ability to listen, empathize, and address all of the needs of his patients that often is not found in much of the medical community. In an industry largely comprised of female patients, I, as a male patient, was particularly impressed with his ability to understand and help address a man’s concern and man’s body. A master at what he does, Dr. Rottman will leave you truly amazed.

Dr Rottman and his staff were professional, spent time to answer questions and did not make you feel rushed for the next client. Results were amazing and lasted longer than I expected. Well worth the money.

Dr Rottman comes off as very knowledgeable as well as caring. I Went in for a free consultation for gynecomastia correction and a possible tummy tuck. I was obese for almost my entire adolescence and even when I managed to loose skin, especially around my abdomen. During my consult with Dr Rottman, I found out that my abdomen had actually become separated overtime which didn't look good aesthetically and may have impeded my strength gains in the gym. Only a few months later, Dr Rottman performed a flawless gynecomastia/tummy tuck surgery and refermed my abdomen for no additional charge, just because he could. It's been 4 months and it was worth every cent to finally be comfortable in my body, especially being an amatuer body builder/powerlifter. He's also such a great guy that I look forward to my follow up appointments. The nurse, Emily, is also very bright and welcoming.

I got a breast reduction and a lift two and a half weeks ago and my results are already amazing! This surgery was SERIOUSLY a breeze - Dr. Rottman is amazing at his job and I’m so happy I chose him as my plastic surgeon. He also has been so personable and is available to answer any of my questions literally 24/7. I highly recommend him!

31 years old, 3 kids, and a much needed Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair. Dr. Rottman is an amazing surgeon! I was always able to get a hold of him or his staff to answer my very important questions. My condition was a little more drastic than most people but he took on the challenge. I went on several consultations with different doctors, but they didn’t want to work on me because they said they didn’t have the experience to deal with my situation. Dr. Rottman examined me and told me exactly what he needed to do for my condition. After my surgery, Dr. Rottman personally gave mae a call when I went home to check on me. He also personally sent me my before and after pictures! I’m only about a month out and still a little swollen, but I can see a remarkable different. I can’t wait to see myself at 6 months out. Oh! I can’t forget the wonderful work he does when it comes to his stitching. So far, most of my scar is healing wonderfully! He absolutely does take his time on the stitching which is very important for the final result. Thank Dr. Rottman for the amazing work.

I have no words to describe my happiness! Was a dream come true, was sure I chose the best doctor and his staff, all very responsible, safe, attentive, and very professional. The result was better than I imagined. Doctor Steven is the best! Thank you very much!

My visit with Dr Rottman allowed me to see through the smoke and mirrors of the other surgeons and ask the questions they were obviously trying to talk around. In the end, I chose Rottman, one of my friends chose Luxxery Plastic Surgery, and the other chose Dr Hakki.

The proof is in the result. Between the three of us, my breast look the most natural, and I have absolutely NO issues with my result. Both of my friends wish they had listened to me instead of going with their surgeons. One of my friends is already seeking a revision because she feels that hers are messed up.

Dr. Rottman is absolutely amazing. He spent 7 hours in the operating room making life-altering changes to my body. He is supportive, smart, and keeps the dialogue open. I’m impressed with his expertise and knowledge in his field. I should also mention, he is just so NICE! Most plastic surgeons are not always friendly and a bit obnoxious–Not Dr. Rottman. When making decisions about elected surgery, you really can say yes or no. I would say YES to him every time. I should also mention that his staff is great and extremely communicative. I appreciate Dr. Rottman and his extremely competent staff.

My experience with Dr. Steven Rottman has thus far been exemplary! My bariatric surgeon recommended him highly, stating that after seeing many examples of his work, she felt he is an “artist”. I knew at my consultation that he was a good fit for me, and booked my first procedures for a breast and arm lift that same day. Dr. Rottman has a quiet, respectful, and gentle demeanor, and discussed my options, and the potential outcomes with me thoroughly, and in an unhurried manner. His office staff, including Brooke, and others, have been kind, and very considerate of my needs throughout the consultation, booking and payment process, ordering and providing post op compression garments as needed , and making follow up appointments. Being a health care professional myself, I appreciated Dr. Rottmans’ willingness to make care decisions for me in consultation with my health care advocate while I recovered from anesthesia post-op. He also checked on me personally the morning after surgery while still hospitalized , and contacted me almost daily via text, to check on my progress at home. I have felt well cared for and found him available to answer questions or address concerns. I am thrilled with my results thus far, and appreciate Dr. Rottmans’ eye for perfectionism. and anticipate only more refined results as I heal and progress forward on my journey. Thank you so much!

Seriously such a professional, knowledgeable doctor who did THE BEST job on my lips. Had them done once before by a different doctor and had a much better experience with Dr. Rottman. He took his time and was the sweetest man. After the procedure, he personally contacted me to make sure I was doing well. If you are struggling to choose a plastic surgeon, go with Dr. Rottman. Definitely will be going back! Also a wonderful staff!

I had lost over 80 pounds and had saggy skin everywhere. Doctor Rottman took his time and met with me to explain the best plan for me. He was honest about my goals and helped me every step of the way! He is truly the best. I'm so happy with my entire experience. You have changed my life. Thank you!

Dr. Rottman is younger for a surgeon, a little bit shy and reserved, but he is a sweetheart. And, his work is flawless. During our initial meeting I could tell that his staff was really fond of him and respected him. I’ve had work done before where you sense that the doc is a jerk to his people. I wanted someone kind standing over me with that scalpel in their hand on surgery day! I could tell that he was a patient person, which is what you want in someone doing this type of work. Dr Rottman did a FABULOUS job! I got a real winner! His work more than lived up to his before and after pics on his website. The entire experience with him was relaxed and enjoyable. I have NO patience for arrogant, overblown physicians and that condescending, my-way-or-the-highway atmosphere, of so many practices. Dr. Rottman has fully restored my faith in the surgical profession. He really enjoys his work and his calm, pleasant demeanor is so reassuring. You’ll not find an ounce of arrogance with this guy. or his excellent staff. They really are over the top. Thrilled to death with my results!

Through my breast cancer journey I have had the pleasure of being operated on by Dr. Rottman on three separate occasions. Dr. Rottman’s bed side manor is welcoming and he is always kind, caring and polite. I was able to speak to Dr.Rottman day or night if I had any questions or concerns. His office staff and assistants are courteous and make you feel as though you are among friends. Dr. Rottman has given me back so much more than cancer has taken away. I am forever grateful.

It is never easy to accept having a breast removed and undergo breast reconstruction, but you have made this process much easier to face. Your professionalism, expertise and reassurance has made starting 2016 much easier. Thank you so much for everything.

Dr. Rottman is amazing! He truly cares about his patients and he takes pride in his work. Dr. Rottman quickly came out to the emergency room on a holiday evening. Instead of being horribly disfigured, no one can even tell that I was injured. He has the hands! I’m so grateful it was Dr. Rottman that was on call. I can’t recommend him enough.

Love his work! My body looks even better than I imagined following my tummy tuck with Dr. Rottman. His compassion and humble nature really made this a wonderful experience. Thank you Dr. Rottman and staff!

I went to him about 7 weeks ago for a lipo/BBL so thankful I did. Him and staff are amazing very personal and kind. Felt very comfortable. Loving my results. Ever wanted more of anything I’d go back to him in a heartbeat.

I have had two procedures with Dr. Rottman. After I lost 110 pounds via gastric bypass surgery, he did a circumferential body lift, mini thigh lift, and breast lift for me in 2017. My new body is amazing and such a difference from before. I then decided to have breast implants added for more fullness in 2018. To say I am thrilled with the work he has done is an understatement.

Always wanted plumper lips and now I have and love them! Thanks to Dr. Rottman :) going back for another syrine by him. His whole staff was great and friendly! Don’t be so hesitate to try anything that you really want, take advantage of the free and open consultation ask about any questions or concerns you have. They were happy to answer any of my mine!

Dr. Rottman is the most amazing plastic surgeon! His entire staff is so warm and inviting. They make you feel extremely comfortable. From the moment I had my first consultation to my post op Dr. Rottman has been there for all my needs and any questions. I have had no concerns and feel absolutely amazing about myself. I love my results!

I couldn’t be happier with my results! Not only am I happy with my results but Dr Rottmans bedside manner exceeded every expectation! His team is fantastic! He’s a doctor who cares and that is shown through his work. I won’t see anyone else!

I left Dr. Rottman’s with better results than I had expected!

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I left the office very well informed and happy. Thank you!

Dr. Rottman is so detail oriented and a true perfectionist. I had a mommy makeover after having 3 children. My breasts were deflated and my stomach had loose extra skin with so many stretch marks. Now I have the body that I had when I was 20!! My scar is almost non detectable, Dr. Rottman called to check on me, made many follow up visits to check on my healing and is always on time. I am in bikinis again with no stretch marks and owe my self confidence to him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less of a scar on any of my many friends who had procedures elsewhere. Thank you!!!!

Dr. Rottman and his staff are professional, compassionate, go above and beyond in helping patients. He is not only a perfectionist as a surgeon but has an amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon.

When my daughter cut her face open we knew she needed stitches. Dr Rottman spent time with me and my husband explaining what he was going to do and why. He was gentle caring and patient with our three-year-old and made a scary situation manageable. It is now almost two weeks since her accident and you can hardly tell she ever had stitches.

Dr. Rottman has been my go to plastic surgeon since I first went to him. He has done various things for me, including some injections to my face, which have always turned out superb. He does wonderful work and I can see that he listens to me when I tell him what I’m hoping to achieve. The staff were all wonderful, too, especially the nurses at the office. Since I’ve moved a few times in recent years, I have been to a number of plastic surgeons, and Dr. Rottman is definitely the best.

I am so truly happy with the breast augmentation performed by Dr. Rottman. The results are so natural looking that my family and friends cannot believe that I have implants. This is exactly what I wanted and the whole experience was a breeze. Dr. Rottman and his staff take tremendous pride in what they do and were so nice and helpful . They made me feel totally comfortable throughout the entire process.

The day after my surgery, I was at home recovering and Dr. Rottman called me personally to check on me, which I thought was so amazing. I am so happy I made the decision to have my surgery with Dr. Rottman. He is truly a perfectionist, and if perfection is what you want, he is definitely the right surgeon for you.

I can truly say choosing Dr. Rottman for my breast augmentation surgery was the best decision I have ever made! I am only one day post-op and I am already so in love with the results. Dr. Rottman is a very down to earth doctor and him, along with his team, made me so comfortable through the entire process. He is very thoughtful and truly cares about his patients! I would recommend Dr.Rottman 1000% to anyone who is looking for a doctor!

I had a great experience with my tummy tuck. I love my results!!! I live in Maryland and had it done here. It pays to stay local. The staff is kind and wonderful. I wish I could write a whole book. I’m so happy I can’t to post my results.

Dr. Rottman and his staff are wonderful. I had a breast reduction done and Dr. Rottman made me complete comfortable prior to surgery. He was very easy to talk to. The staff at his office are also great and helpful even when the facility I had my pre-surgery bloodwork done was being difficult. If I decide to get anything else done, I will definitely be seeing him. I highly recommend him.

I never thought I would have plastic surgery and it was very intimidating for me. I have wanted a breast lift for years and visited another plastic surgeon closer to my area who was trying to push implants which I didn’t want. Frustrated, I reached out to Dr. Rottman initially through a phone appointment and decided to make the drive to meet with him in person. I am so happy I did. He is down to earth, responsive and listens to what you want and provides honest feedback. I wanted to have a second procedure and he was very honest about the results even though that meant he was losing out on additional income. I can see why he has earned the Top Doctor award.

Dr. Rottman is amazing!!!!! He’s so humble and he made me feel so comfortable. The work he does is well thought out, he’s patient, kind, his bedside manner is top notch as well, and most of all he doesn’t make you feel ashamed. I lost over 130 pounds with diet and exercise, and am working towards my dream of getting rid of excess skin so that I can wear a bikini and bathing suit without a cover up for the first time in my life. He removed over 10 pounds of excess skin just from my abdominal area. His team is awesome too. I don’t know how they stay so kind in such a demanding industry. He truly is the best, top notch, and blessed because the work he did for me was nothing short of a miracle. He cares, and he always takes the safest route vs. quick results. I appreciate his honesty and not telling me what I want to hear, but the truth. He’s confidently humble, and he makes you feel calm as you embark on one of the scariest things you could ever do in life. I honestly don’t know how he stays so calm with all the demands. I try not to bother him too much with my concerns, but they are always welcomed. I love working with him, and can’t wait for next year when everything is done and I am fully healed. If I can give a tip to anyone, make sure you stay on top of your health, follow all of his directions before and after surgery, and be PATIENT!!!!! Especially with the swelling. I am so thankful and blessed to have found him after seeing a doctor who made me feel so uncomfortable and wanted to take shortcuts. Follow your gut! GO SEE DR. ROTTMAN! HE IS THE MAN WITH THE COSMETIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE MASTER PLAN!!!!!!!!

I had the most amazing experience working with Dr. Rottman, his great office staff, and wonderful hospital staff at Northwest Hospital. I am a 60 year old woman who, as a result of having a bariatric sleeve done, lost over 100 lbs. My legs, unfortunately, were left, as my granddaughter says “wiggly.” I couldn’t afford a body makeover, so I focused on my legs. From the first moment I met with Brooke in Dr. Rottman’s office, I could feel the enthusiasm. I really went there with every intention of making this one of two consultations before making a final decision as to who would do my surgery. However, I was so impressed, I decided I didn’t want a second consult. I got the impression that Dr. Rottman challenges himself to make every patient look and feel the best possible. He looked at my legs and immediately had great ideas that would make my thighs look better. I walked out of his office thinking all the good things I had heard about Dr. Rottman were true. He made me feel comfortable about moving forward. The day of the operation, I was a bit nervous. However, from the moment I got to the hospital, everyone I met was friendly and made a point to have conversation that was upbeat and supportive. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was very complimentary of Dr. Rottman, indicating he does great work. That made me feel extremely calm. Prior to surgery, I told Dr. Rottman’s staff that I get extremely sick after surgery. I’ve always made that known to the surgeon, office staff, and the anesthesiologist. However, i still get sick. Well, the communication among Dr. Rottman and his office staff and surgical team must be outstanding; because the anesthesiologist, Dr. Agree, a very cool lady, came in with a definite plan so that I would not get sick. I usually wake up and vomit for three days. However, this time I didn’t get sick at all!!! Everyone talked to me after the operation explaining what had been done and how it went, and they were so excited to tell me how happy I will be with the results. The next day I got a call directly from Dr. Rottman, asking how I was doing and told me to call him directly if I had any questions. Some how on the 4th day I had a problem with one of my drains. The office immediately made an appointment to come in to take the drains out, since I had healed enough that they wounds were hardly draining. Dr. Rottman could have kept the drains in until my appointment, but he took them out to make me more comfortable. I am still healing but can already see positive results. Thank you Dr. Rottman and staff and Northwest Hospital and staff, especially Dr. Agree. You all are awesome, and I highly recommend you!!!

I can not say enough about how amazing Dr. Rottman is. I was referred to Dr Rottman by another plastic surgeon because I was interested in getting breast augmentation. I was advised that he specialized in breast augmentations and simply he was the best surgeon to go to. And that was from one of his peers.

My first visit with Dr Rottman solidified the referral. He was extremely professional, and completely on top of all the newest advancements in augmentations. I felt I had done my research before my visit, and he was still able to teach me some things and make me aware of some things I didn’t think about. He also recommended I visited other surgeons to make sure I found a surgeon I was happy with. At the same time, I had 2 other friends that were interested in Breast augmentation, so I went with them to their consultations as well to see what their doctors advised.

My surgery we preformed with absolutely no issues. I had minimal discomfort and was back to my normal work out routine, which include push up, in no time. My scars are minimal and my breasts are amazing! I also appreciate his bedside matter. I really feel like a part of his family. I have since visited his office for recommendation on sports bras, and check ups to make sure my breast are properly healed. I know that I am not just a face, but a member of the family when I come into his office.

I am so thankful for my experience with Dr. Rottman. He is truly an amazing plastic surgeon that cared about his patience and has an amazing eye for perfection. I can assure you, this is just he beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Dr.Rottman and his staff are absolutely amazing! So warm and professional I couldn’t ask for a better plastic surgeon. Brooke his office manager is so helpful, informative and so sweet… Answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Dr. Rottman’s bedside manner goes above and beyond…. He also answered all my questions, was very gentle and insured me not to be nervous and I would love my results and I absolutely did! I received facial fillers and they turned out amazing! They really by far are the best in town and truly care about their patients. I’ve been back several times and completely trust Dr.Rottman and his staff!!!! They have reward incentives which is really nice and help your pockets! Lol I recommend him 100%!!!!!

I had a breast augmentation in 2009 and was having issues with implant rippling and palpability. I realized many people have revisions due to capsular contracture, implant malposition, and the issues I had so I decided to select my doctor carefully. I wanted a cosmetic breast expert in hopes of avoiding issues in the future. I selected 4 doctors for consults: 1 in California, 1 in Texas, 1 in Florida and 1 in Maryland. The out of state doctors did online consults. In my research, I selected doctors that took as many measures as possible to assure I would not have future problems.

In the end, I selected Dr. Rottman in Owings Mills, MD. After examining me, he suggested placing a more narrow, higher profile implant, using Strattice to help with rippling and avoid future capsular contracture, and fat grafting to (as i understood it) add upper pole volume and help conceal the edges of the implants.

The surgery went well. I am now 13 days post-op and still have swelling and bruising, but nothing major. My results look amazing and I couldn’t be happier!! I found out on my post-op checkup that he also used the Keller Funnel which many believe helps patients avoid future capsular contracture.

So far I look great and I am pleased with my progress! Thank you so much Dr. Rottman!

Dr. Rottman did a great job with my injections and even though it was my first visit he has given me a few things to think about for my future visits with him, which I plan to do again very soon. Super helpful in areas I had been concerned, sweet bedside manner, super friendly staff and a clean, nice office. I highly recommend.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2013 and ended up having a double mastectomy in October of 2013. After healing from surgery and a round of chemotherapy, I was referred to Dr. Rottman for breast reconstructive surgery. From the very beginning of the process, I knew that Dr. Rottman was the right surgeon for me. He treated me like I was his only patient and his bedside manner is like no other! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate reconstructive surgeon. I believe that Dr. Rottman is truly a gift from heaven. If you are in need of a plastic surgeon, consider Dr. Rottman.

Dr. Rottman did an expert job, very nice work. His staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Dr. Rottman is a perfectionist when it comes to plastic surgery. I recently had surgery performed by him and found him to be compassionate, caring, and extremely knowledgeable surgeon. His office staff is very helpful, caring, and kind. He does an amazing job and I am so happy with my results. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my breast reduction. Not only was Dr. Rottman professional and kind, so was his support staff. The information on how the process works was explained to me in great detail and accurately. My results were more than I hoped for. My breast have never sat so high!!! Having this breast reduction has also gotten me motivated to get healthy and lose weight.”

I initially saw Dr. Rottman in August 2011 for an ear lobe repair. I was so impressed with his skill, bedside manner and professionalism that I saw him again for Botox. My results and experiences with Dr. Rottman have exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to choose him as my health care provider in the future for other procedures and have recommended him to my friends and family.

The day after my surgery, I was at home recovering and Dr. Rottman called me personally to check on me, which I thought was so amazing. I am so happy I made the decision to have my surgery with Dr. Rottman. He is truly a perfectionist, and if perfection is what you want, he is definitely the right surgeon for you.

I want to thank you for the special attention that was given to me during and after my surgery. You and your team surpassed all of my expectations and for that I am truly grateful. I can’t express enough to you the difference you have made in my life. Many, many thanks again.

I greatly appreciated Dr. Rottman’s honesty and thoroughness during my consultation. The results of my procedure exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Rottman!

Dr. Rottman is a caring and concerned surgeon. He made extra time to explain my procedure in detail and followed up to be sure I was satisfied with my results. I am so happy how things turned out. I would highly recommend Dr. Rottman to anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery.

I have referred 2 other people to Dr Rottman and they were so happy with his work and results but also because he's kind and patient. He takes his time to explain before doing anything and makes you feel comfortable. The Dr is important, obviously however you can't forget about how wonderful his staff are! Patient while explaining procedures and pricing, patient with scheduling and just all around amazing! This is a phenomenal office and I highly suggest you go see him. He makes me look beautiful.

I went to him about 7 weeks ago for a lipo/BBL so thankful I did. Him and staff are amazing very personal and kind. Felt very comfortable. Loving my results. Ever wanted more of anything I’d go back to him in a heartbeat.

Dr. Steven J. Rottman is a plastic surgeon and reconstructive plastic surgeon who is recognized for his unique, personalized approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery, and the ability to create exceptionally natural-looking results.

As every patient is unique, Dr. Rottman may employ either traditional or advanced techniques, based upon the patient’s needs.

Please contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Rottman.