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Pricing in Baltimore, MD

Prices for cosmetic surgery range from patient to patient, based on a comprehensive examination and consultation with Dr. Rottman. We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rottman to understand the details of the expenses of your procedure.

However, Dr. Rottman provides general pricing information to help patients plan their surgery and budget for their procedures.

These estimated prices are based on a BMI of 32 or less.


Breast Augmentation $9,500

This popular procedure achieves larger, curvier, rounder breasts. Silicone or saline implants can be chosen, providing options for size, shape, projection, look and feel

Breast lift $12,500

This procedure lifts the breasts higher on the chest wall to achieve a youthful, perky contour. Drooping nipples are repositioned to tilt upward appealingly.

Breast lift with Implant $15,000

This popular combination procedure achieves larger, perkier breasts by increasing the breast size with saline or silicone implants and lifting the breasts upward on the chest.

Breast lift with Implant Removal $13,500

Breast implants are removed, and the breasts are reshaped and lifted upward to achieve a perky, youthful bounce and attractive appearance.

Breast implant removal without lift $7,500

During this procedure, breast implants are removed, and the incisions are closed without adding a breast lift. The breasts are free of augmentation of any kind.

Breast lift with Fat Transfer $17,000

Fat transfer augmentation uses fat taken from areas of your body that you would like to slim and tone, such as the abdomen or thighs, to enhance the breasts. The fat is removed and purified, then injected into the breasts to increase volume by about one cup size.



Abdominoplasty $12,000

This procedure removes excess sagging skin and small fat pockets in the lower abdomen. Weakened muscles are surgically tightened with permanent sutures, and the upper abdominal skin is pulled downward and secured tightly.

Mini Abdominoplasty $10,000

Sagging skin in the lower abdomen is removed, but the belly button is left intact, and the underlying muscles are not surgically tightened.

Extended Abdominoplasty $14,000

Abdominoplasty is extended to include contouring the hips, flanks, and in some cases, the thighs. Liposuction is often combined to help achieve a slim, sculpted appearance.

Add liposuction of Back and Flanks to Abdominoplasty $5,000

To remove pockets of excess fat, liposuction can be added to any abdominoplasty procedure. This achieves a more sculpted, taut abdominal area, back and flanks for more comprehensive rejuvenation.

Liposuction of the Abdomen, Back and Flanks $12,000

This procedure surgically removes unwanted fat pockets, leaving the treated areas smoother, slimmer, and more contoured while the silhouette is sculpted and defined.

Brazilian Buttock Lift $16,000

This procedure removes unwanted fat in the above areas with a gentle liposuction procedure. This leaves the area slimmer and more toned. The fat is then purified and carefully injected into the buttocks to achieve a perky, round, appealing bottom.

360 Body Lift $19,500

A 360 body lift removes excess, sagging skin on the abdomen, hips, and buttocks (the lower body area). During this procedure, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the lower body is sculpted to achieve smooth lines and contours.

Posterior Body Lift $9,500

The posterior body lift contours and lifts the flanks, hips, buttocks, and lower back to achieve a smoother, more lifted, and youthful-looking, appealing contour.

Brachioplasty/Arm Lift $14,500

During this procedure, sagging skin of the upper arms is surgically removed to shape and sculpt the upper arms, resulting in a more youthful, toned appearance.

Upper Back lift $9,500

Also called a bra line back lift, this procedure contours and shapes the upper portion of the back. Excess skin and fat are removed to achieve a slim, toned shape.

Excision Lateral Chest Rolls $6,500

This procedure addresses bulges or fat rolls around the chest with liposuction. During this procedure, excess fat is removed to leave the area slimmer and more sculpted.