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Double board certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Rottman helps the men and women of Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding communities achieve their goals with fat grafting.

What is Fat Grafting?

Also known as a fat injection, a fat grafting procedure transfers fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as your outer thighs, and injects it into those areas of your body that may be lacking in volume, such as your face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

The fat grafting process involves harvesting fat cells from the chosen parts of the body, then purifying the harvested fat cells, before injecting them into your treatment site. This is done to naturally increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt, butt fat grafting can also be used to help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars.

What are the Benefits of Fat Grafting?

As we age, the dermis of our face thins out, and we start to get a sunken look. Regenerative fat grafting provides volume and nutrients to your face. The process of taking fat from an unwanted area or areas of your body and re-injecting purified adipose fat tissues into another area of your body will add natural fullness to the area which receives the fat grafts.

Fat injections are commonly made to the face, lips, buttocks or hands. With the face, fat can be transferred to the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and the lower eye area, to give you a more youthful, rejuvenated look.

What is the Procedure for Fat Grafting?

The procedure for fat grafting is essentially a simple three-step process that begins with the extraction of fat with liposuction, then processing and centrifugation of fat, and then re-injection of the fat.

Fat is harvested from one part of your body, washed and purified, and then carefully reinjected with specially designed needles into the areas that need augmentation. It may be necessary to repeat the fat grafting procedure several times to achieve your desired result. After selecting a site for fat removal and injecting it with a local anesthetic, Dr. Rottman will then create a small incision in the area for fat removal and, using a sterile technique, insert a cannula connected to a syringe to carefully extract the fat.

Once enough fat is obtained from the donor area, Dr. Rottman will process it to prepare your fat cells for transfer. The area designated to receive the graft will then be prepared, and Dr. Rottman will insert a needle or cannula into the incision point of the site being augmented. The injection needle is usually passed in and out of the areas to be augmented multiple times. Each time the needle or cannula is withdrawn, a line of fatty tissue parcels is carefully deposited in natural tissue planes. This process is repeated until the desired correction has been achieved, creating a grid of grafted fat.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Grafting?

Do you have volume-deficient areas that need to get augmented? The purpose of fat grafting is to augment or fill in volume-deficient areas, and commonly fat grafted areas can include your hands, your face – including the lips, depressions in the skin following liposuction and scarring and the breast and buttock for augmentation. Should have a BMI of 32% or less

Of course, you must have donor sites from which the fat can be taken. If you have facial areas that appear creased and sunken or if you desire more permanent correction than can be provided by temporary fillers, or if you wish to improve your body contour, revise scars, fill bodily depressions and rejuvenate your hands and face, or for use in breast reconstruction, to fill in contour irregularities or to hide obvious signs of breast implants, then you may be a good candidate for fat grafting.

What is the Cost of Fat Grafting?

Everyone has their own unique needs for fat grafting, so the cost of fat grafting varies. Rottman Plastic Surgery offers CareCredit® financing to our patients who need help with the cost of the procedure.

To learn more, please visit our financing page.

Dr. Steven J. Rottman is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who serves the men and women of Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Dr. Rottman is recognized for his approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery that gives his patients exceptional natural-looking results. Because each patient is unique, Dr. Rottman uses both traditional and advanced techniques for his procedures.

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