Breast Augmentation in Baltimore, MD

Approximately 75% of women in the United States are unhappy with their breasts. In Baltimore, MD, and surrounding communities, women trust the experience and expertise of double board certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Rottman to improve their breasts and feel better about their bodies.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is currently the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States, and recovery time has lessened significantly as medical science has made huge strides over the past few decades. The size and shape of the breasts can be altered through the use of either a saline or silicone implant placed beneath existing tissue, giving the appearance of the perfect breasts nature rarely bestows upon any woman. For those experiencing issues with sagging due to age, nursing, or significant weight loss, a lift can be performed simultaneously, maximizing the beauty of the results.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a popular elective procedure that can increase the size, enhance the shape, or improve the symmetry of a woman’s breasts and is usually accomplished through the surgical placement of saline or silicone breast implants. Many different options are available to meet each patient’s individual needs, including different implant sizes and shapes and incision techniques. The goal of breast augmentation is to create natural-looking breasts. You may also consider combining a breast lift with augmentation if your breasts sag.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures

Women rely on Dr. Rottman to improve the size and shape of their breasts while maintaining a natural appearance and proper proportions. The before and after pictures of some of our breast augmentation patients show you what Dr. Rottman achieves with the surgery.

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Saline or silicone-gel breast implants are inserted through a short incision and placed behind the breast tissue. Incision sites include the crease at the bottom of the breast, around the areola, or in the underarm. Scars fade over time and become minimally noticeable. The implant is either placed under the chest muscle or between the chest muscle and breast tissue. The decision is made based on the patient’s anatomy, as well as the type and size of the implant chosen.

Rottman Plastic Surgery is excited to offer our patients Natrelle, Mentor, and Sientra breast implants. With over 140 styles to choose from, you can feel confident that your breast augmentation will give you natural-looking breasts. As a preferred Natrelle surgeon, Dr. Rottman is able to advise you as to the different cosmetic outcomes that each style of Natrelle implants will offer you.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery requires general anesthesia, and Dr. Rottman may order blood work and other tests to ensure you are able to undergo the procedure. He may also request your medical records from your physician. During your consultation he explains the details of your breast augmentation surgery, including any special instructions for before and after the procedure.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

The healing process varies for each patient. Full recovery generally takes about a week or two and most patients are typically able to be up and about after 24 hours. You will be able to see the results of your breast augmentation immediately, and as the swelling and bruising subside, your new look will become even more apparent. During the months following your procedure, the incision marks will gradually fade, becoming virtually unnoticeable.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Every woman deserves to look and feel her very best. This is why we always go the extra mile to make our services affordable, accessible, and perfectly contoured to fit your life. Rottman Plastic Surgery works with CareCredit® to offer our patients convenient and affordable payment options for breast augmentation surgery. To learn more about CareCredit®, please visit our financing page.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

If you think breast implants may be the right choice for you, please visit Dr. Steven J. Rottman’s Baltimore office to help you make that decision. Dr. Rottman will evaluate your current look, talk to you about the desired effect you hope to achieve with the procedure, and help you choose the option that’s right for you, including the size and the material used in the implant. Give yourself the gift that nature didn’t, and call today to learn more about how breast augmentation surgery can help you look, feel, and be more confident!

Why Choose Dr. Steven J. Rottman for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery has become more popular than ever. At the office of Dr. Steven J. Rottman, we specialize in providing a wide variety of patients with perfectly designed breast implants, reconstructive breast procedures, and breast reductions, all done with the utmost in care and compassion.

What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

The first part of your one-on-one breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Rottman involves an examination of your breasts, as well as a discussion about your goals for breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Rottman describes the various styles of Natrelle, Mentor, and Sientra implants and helps you understand how each will change your appearance. Your consultation is also used to discuss your surgery and recovery.

Dr. Steven J. Rottman is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery expert who serves the men and women of Baltimore and surrounding areas. Dr. Rottman is recognized for his approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery that gives his patients exceptional natural-looking results. Because each patient is unique, Dr. Rottman uses both traditional and advanced techniques for his procedures. Please contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Rottman.