Chin Implant in Baltimore, MD

Chin augmentation procedures have been successfully performed by plastic surgeons for decades to restore facial balance and improve the self-esteem of patients. A chin implant can significantly enhance weak or receding chins. Patient responses to their chin implants have been exceedingly positive., whether their desire is to improve their profiles or strengthen the jawline. Dr. Steven J. Rottman is a renowned, double board certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who provides chin implant procedures to residents of Baltimore, MD, and neighboring communities.

What are Chin Implants?

Chin implants are a suitable option for many people today. Whether you want to enhance your chin to make your face look more regal, or you need a larger chin to fill out a thinner face, Dr. Rottman can help.. Whether you want the chin of your favorite celebrity, or you aren’t quite sure what you want, you can still schedule an appointment for a consultation. Recovery from the surgery typically takes a few weeks, but you will find that the swelling reduces significantly over just a few days. Dr. Rottman can give you an idea of what to expect during your first appointment and fully explain the procedure to you.

The face itself is comprised of three “thirds”, which includes the nose/cheekbones, the eyes, and the chin/jawline. Having a strong lower third represented by the chin can restore balance to the remaining two-thirds of the face. In contrast, a weak or undersized chin can alter the entire harmony of the face or make the nose seem more prominent.

Chin implants are often recommended to augment other facial procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasties. Chin augmentation may be needed to balance the appearance of the nose and create an attractive profile. An implant can be used to foster a smoother, more youthful jawline and help sagging neck skin. It can also be used to remove some jowl weight or remove weight from smile wrinkle lines so that they are minimized.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Chin Implant?

Although a chin implant can help both sexes, a comprehensive assessment is required to determine if this is the right procedure for you…

In order to have a successful outcome, your teeth and jaw need to function properly. If your teeth and jaw are functioning well, and your chin is somewhat weak, a chin implant may help you achieve the look you desire. If you have already used tissue fillers such as Juvederm® or Restylane® to form a stronger chin line, you may be a good candidate for a chin implant.

Facial procedures that involve surgery usually require anesthesia, so you must be in sound health to be a candidate for such a procedure.

Chin Implant Before and After Pictures

The improvements that are achieved by a chin implant are very significant. The chin area looks smoother and more defined. Please take a look at our before and after chin implants gallery to see the results achieved by others.

The Chin Implant Procedure

Chin augmentation implants are normally formed from a hard silicone. Dr. Rottman will allow you to examine implant samples before your procedure. Many shapes and sizes are available for every facial structure. Your implant will be placed using a very fine incision under your chin, fitting naturally over your jawbone.

The resulting scar can be expected to heal completely. The procedure can be performed in-office using local anesthesia or using sedation at a surgery center. This procedure normally takes up to one hour.

Chin Implant Recovery

Ten days of recovery will be needed, as well as six weeks of restricted physical activity to give your chin the opportunity to heal correctly. Following surgery, your skin may have the sensation of being stretched or tight for about one week.

Any discomfort you experience can be alleviated using prescribed medication. You should limit your chewing after your procedure, and soft foods and liquids are recommended. You may appear swollen for a few weeks.

How Much Does A Chin Implant Cost?

There is no one answer to this question because it will vary depending upon the procedure extent and if it occurs in combination with other procedures. We will discuss the cost with you at your consultation, as well as payment options, including financing using CareCredit® or other payment plans. We accept checks, cash, and most major credit cards.

The Consultation

Dr. Rottman will examine you during your consultation and discuss your expectations and how you would like your chin to appear. This allows Dr. Rottman to decide exactly how to enhance your chin to achieve your goal. He will also discuss each step of the procedure at this time and address any questions.

Chin implants are one of the most common and most requested types of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rottman wants his patients to feel completely comfortable with the type of surgery they select and with the finished results, which is why he shows patients different options and helps them select chin implants that fit their facial frame and proportions.

If you feel you may be a good candidate for chin augmentation, please contact our Baltimore, Maryland office today to schedule an appointment and consultation.